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I'm Silviu.


I'm a Content Writer & Marketer based in Bothell, WA.

I produce thoughtfully written content for businesses in logistics, skilled trade, and other industries. I help business owners, marketing managers, and product managers tell stories, achieve brand coherence, and connect with customers. 



I have provided over 25,000 words of Web Copy, Researched Articles, Social Media Content and  across 10 projects.

Blog Writing

Written Communications

My blog writing is informed, articulate, and focused on delivering value for your reader. Compared to a content writing mill, this approach sets you apart in your customer's mind as a solution worth their attention.

Your email, Press Releases, and paper mail campaigns all benefit from clarity and refinement. I work with you to understand your message and your audience for an increased response rate.

Web Copy Writing

Your site performs by having clear, flowing copy that inspires trust in your brand and operations. My experience in marketing, sales, and writing inform my focused approach to web copy.

Marketing Strategy

My Marketing Strategy consultation service is informed by my marketing education and years of experience in sales and marketing roles. I help you define your unique value proposition and convey it across your messaging.

Featured Work

Featured Work

This website has been rewritten for better flow and readability.

This article is one in a series of website articles making the case for using smaller delivery vehicles in the logistics and transportation industry.

Website copy written for a Home Builder with an in-house realty office

I've worked with

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Let's Work Together

I look forward to helping you transform your digital and print text into material your customers will pause to read.

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Bothell, WA 98012

​Tel: 253-455-0007

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