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Real Estate Website Copy Example

This real estate company both builds and sells their homes. They needed a website to advertise their services. Below are some pieces from the website that give you an inside view on how I rewrite mediocre writing into exceptional sales copy, and an example of new writing on the same site.

Website Catchphrase

Original Phrasing: We know what you need. And we have solutions on how to fulfill it.

Revised  Phrasing: A home built with you in mind.

Website Copy

Finding and buying the right place to come home is an important decision, and one we take pride in helping you make. We will work with you from start to finish to realize your dream home. [Company Name] has an excellent track record of helping over 100 clients find the right home, adapting to the realities of the market while maintaining our commitment to our code of ethics. Our team is focused on making your home buying journey a rewarding experience. And if you are a first-time home buyer, a home relocation client, or a military family, we’ve developed in-depth services just for you.

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